Building Women's Resilience through Vulnerability

Women's Empowerment Therapy & Coaching


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Services at a Glance:


Therapy: From Self-Doubting to Self-Empowered

Prioritize your self-healing and help gain a deeper understanding of who you are. Learn how to cope with personal, relationships, and career challenges in a caring, confidential, and empowering space.  

Empowerment & Women's Health: 

Karina utilizes an eclectic approach to therapy and coaching, drawing from different methodologies that are tailored to meet each individual's needs.

Karina helps women understand their thoughts and feelings, gain self-confidence, and reach self empowerment. 


Leadership Coaching: From Empowered to Actualized

As a woman, mother, and professional in different leadership positions, Karina  deeply relates to the challenges women face while juggling family, motherhood, career, and intimate relationships.  Karina's mission is to help women achieve fulfillment in all areas of their lives by helping them identify their sense of purpose,  and embrace their authentic leader unapologetically.   

Karina uses an array of proven-results coaching tools such as targeted coaching questionnaires, individualized values, career, & leadership assessments to help you create:

-Intended outcomes.

-Setting Goals & Objectives. 

-Individualized framework to assist in accomplishments.

-Ongoing support throughout the coaching program.


Empowering Presentations & Speaking Engagements

For over 12 years , Karina Aybar-Jacobs has contributed to women's empowerment & continue to impact policies that benefit women and their families. 

Karina delivers powerful presentations and seminars to groups, organizations, summits, and conferences in the following areas:

-Genuine Leadership: A Powerful Tool for Success.

-Domestic Violence & Intimate Partner Violence: A Best Practice Guide.

-A Micro, Mezzo, & Macro Level Guide to Fighting Violence against Women. 

-Stress Management & Self-Care.


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